Let’s Talk Toxicity

I’ve had the newest episode or Rick and Morty bouncing around in my head for a few days now. It felt like the show was begging all of its viewers to ask themselves a certain question that I’m about to ask you, but with a sports twist to it.

In case you missed this week’s episode, or just don’t like the show, or are tempted to make fun of me because I still watch new cartoons…allow me to explain quickly. Essentially the shows two main characters were put into a machine and were told it was going to pull out all of their toxins. That’s when the gloopy looking fellow you see in the above photo showed up and the show revealed that the machine wasn’t pulling out toxins like caffeine or sugar or sodium, but instead it was pulling out what each of them saw as toxic about themselves. It was about their perception of themselves. Pretty high concept for a show that you were all ready to judge me about for watching, huh?

That got me thinking about what that machine would pull out of me. What do I view as “toxic” within myself? I’m not looking to bear my soul here and I’m not looking for any of you to either, instead let’s twist it around a little bit.

In case you haven’t noticed, things haven’t been so great for the Jaguars for the last decade or so. Instead of asking what is toxic about ourselves, which is probably still a useful exercise to do on your own, let’s talk about what is toxic about the Jags.

What would you want the machine to pull out of the Jaguars? Think bigger than just players or coaches or general mangers. Think bigger than people. Is there something toxic about the Jaguars? A curse…a bad decision they are still paying for…a perception of themselves that is flawed…a improperly placed focus…anything. Maybe you don’t think there is and that’s fine too, but I thought the discussion could be interesting. Comment below.

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